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March 2018

Take a trip to what the future could hold at the Visual Media Conference

Take a trip to what the future could hold at the Visual Media Conference

The VMC on Tuesday 27th March at the Rose Bowl, Leeds talks regional leadership with international experts on colour, communications, innovation in technology and asks the question 'VR so what?'

The question will be answered through and exploration of VR. Every delegate will be given their own VR goggles to keep and the chance to have a mass VR experience like no other, in the company of 200 plus like-minded inquisitors. Opening up the senses to exploring 3D animated content, 360 VR, virtual performance as an extension of reality and visual artistry. 

San Francisco's finest, Jasper De Tarr is being flown to give the adventurous an opportunity to step into the surreal 'green screen world' of mixed reality live content. Jasper is the CEO of Raktor, an immersive XR projection mapping company, whose 'green screen' magic will replicate the special effects of Lord of the Rings

To find out whether this is hype the conference also brings together leading thinkers and their case studies to compare the results they've achieved with innovation in targeting, design and data management.

It's free to attend, the registration is officially closed however there are still some places left for companies from the industry. To register your interest to attend go to

The VMC is well known for attracting international and top class speakers and brands from this region who represent the foremost thinking in communications. VMC 2018 will enable the industry to see and be enlightened to the future of colour and the hype around immersive technology. Leading experts will be delving in and discussing how colour can affect marketing and communications by analysing consumer behaviour. Leeds based brand design agency Elmwood sends Chairman Jonathan Sands to VMC to speak about Biomotive Triggers which are an exciting development in the field of sensory marketing. Developed at Elmwood in collaboration with Bradford University School of Management, asking the question; How can we build deep subconscious consumer engagement and ensure brands are stored in the favourite's part of our brains?

The conference and exhibition will also be embroiled in the techie world of Immersive Technology, cover Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and ask the question 'VR, so what?' with gurus from DoubleMe, and Production Park.

The theme of the event reflects the heightened 'sense' of the aesthetics in marketing while offering a unique opportunity to see the very latest marketing technology. Expect to learn how to engage consumer subconscious - making buying intuitive. Find out how virtual reality can help understand the psychology of marketing and communications and how a bold visual identity and confident tone of voice can turn a city technicolour!

 VMC 2018 will be hosting a diverse range of engaging speakers covering the whole range of marketing communications. For the full speaker programme go to highlights include:

Phil Batty, Director of Public Engagement & Legacy, Hull UK City of Culture 2017, will present the incredible case study of the £32m UK City of Culture project in Hull, complete with the economic impact metrics. In this role Phil was responsible for implementing a new approach to destination marketing and public engagement across the city; including the development of citywide learning and volunteer programmes.

Given the disappointment of the withdrawal of Leeds' opportunity to bid to become European City of Culture - here is reminder of the impact achieved by Hull's success and the key role that Jaywing played. Their CEO, Rob Shaw, is a Hull lad who's own success in growing the business across the world to include Australia is a clear demonstration that this region leads the way in marketing communications.

Kim Arazi, Founder & CEO of IN3, an innovation hub & consultancy that harnesses the knowledge and learnings of different disciplines to create multi-sensory, immersive experiences, incorporating new technologies to evoke emotion and truly connect - with ourselves, each other and the world around us. Kim will be giving  contemporary examples of how multisensory experiences, combined with new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, give brands the chance to engage with their customers in a more authentic and impactful way than ever before, gaining their attention by helping them 'come to their senses'.


Jonathan Sands OBE, CEO Elmwood, will be asking how can we build deep subconscious consumer engagement and ensure brands are stored in the favourite's part of our brains? For brands to be part of the consideration set, people must be able to emotionally connect with them Jonathan will explain how Biomotive Triggers (developed at Elmwood in collaboration with Bradford University School of Management) can analyse these emotions.


James Marks, CMO, DoubleME, is an experimental new media provocateur. Often described as 'transformative tech tinkerer', a creator of award-winning social video edutainment, and maker of immersive mixed and virtual reality experiences. With over 20 years of hands-on collaborations with alternative, pop culture branded and unbranded entertainment.

DoubleMe will demonstrate a novel 3D capture system, the HoloPortalTM that converts 2D video into dynamic 3D models in real-time for various 3D content markets (Game, 3D Animation, VR/AR/MR, 3D Printing). It captures the magic and motion of real people or pets in real-time, from multiple camera angles, with propriety algorithm technology recreating a highly accurate 3D model of the live performance. Experience holographic mixed reality experiences where you can feel and be the content!

Jasper de Tarr is CEO of Raktor ( an immersive XR projection mapping company, and is currently a content producer for River Studios in San Francisco. Raktor is a mixed reality production studio for live content, providing a virtual performance platform that mixes elements of extended reality and live theatre - bridging the gap between live interaction and virtual performers. James will be flying over form America to demonstrate live and immersive theatre as the cinematography/narrative tools of the new social Mixed Reality platforms.


Shannon Harvey, Director of Technology, Brilliant Creative & Technical Services, Production Park has a decade of experience in developing products and projects for entertainment, installation and architectural experiences and will be immersing audiences with dynamic technologies.

His presentation will included an active integration demonstration of a dynamic projection system distributed by Polestar Productions, with content and control by Notch, Disguise and Isadora platforms. Projection mapping that transformed the auditorium with a wow-factor.


Additional speakers include Andrew Pike, UK & I Marketing Manager, HP Indigo & IHPS and Neil Tilling,UK&I Installed Base & Supplies Manager, HP Indigo,  Phil O'Driscoll, Head of Innovation and NPD at Parkside Flexibles and Jérôme Noyelle, Market Development Manager at Antalis. In addition to the top class speaker line-up be prepared to be totally engaged with the exciting speakers, exhibitions and demos while networking with your peers. The VMC brings together a hub of likeminded individuals to learn, play and be astounded and this year's conference is set to be more diverse than ever!



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