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April 2020

Coronavirus - Embracing self-isolation and social distancing

Coronavirus - Embracing self-isolation and social distancing

Coronavirus might have put a stop to your social plans. But when we feel frustrated about our cancelled plans it’s important to keep perspective and remember these measures of self-isolation are in place for our own protection and the protection of others.  

You might not be able to go on that family holiday, get those Glastonbury tickets, attend that wedding or organise that well awaited BBQ. But on the positive side, speaking to friends and family, laughing, exercising, baking, playing games, watching movies, learning a new skill, focusing on self-improvement – are not cancelled!

Here are four things you can do whilst social distancing to have fun, stay productive and keep in high spirits in this unsettling time.

Spend quality time with the people we live with

Schools have closed, people are working from home or been furloughed. All circumstances are different, but where possible, we can use this time to spend quality time with those we live with. Whether that’s watching films, teaching and learning, playing games, cooking dinner, drawing, baking or even just talking about everything and anything. Quality time is never wasted time. 

If you live alone, remember loved ones are only ever a phone call away. Use video calling platforms like Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Houseparty to engage with friends and family. 

Go outdoors

Don’t forget social distancing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay indoors all day long. Could you do some gardening or simply sit in the garden for a while each day? Make the most of the opportunity to go out for a daily walk (of course making sure you’re at a safe distance from other people). Getting fresh air and being closer to nature has many benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing. 

Learn something new

What’s that thing you’ve wanted to learn how to do? Well this the time learn! Take that online course, learn a language and start practising yoga. Thanks to the internet, learning is more accessible than ever - YouTube is a great hub for tutorials.

Use technology to be sociable

Social media is always criticised for making people less sociable, but in these unprecedented times of social distancing and self-isolation, technology is an amazing way to stay connected and maintain a sense of normality. As well as social apps like WhatsApp and other social media platforms, gaming apps like Houseparty and Words With Friends.

If you are a CDi member please click here to find key information and updated documents in relation to the Coronavirus. Please note we have now set up a dedicated email address for our members [email protected] for any specific queries your business may have on H&S, HR & Legal. 

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